Camel Racing: The Runners and Riders

The camel races will be taking place at Northaw Races on Monday, May 28th 2018. For more information and ticket prices click here.

Elizabeth Best

Our first rider, Elizabeth, is no stranger to success. “I won the first of my three Romford under 7s Seated Ball Throws at the tender age of 10 years old. Since then, I’ve never looked back. Winning is a state of mind” she says. “I fully expect to come in first, and if I don’t I’ll get the massive hump about it.” 

Certainly, Elizabeth is a rider to watch (if only to make sure she’s not cheating). 


Support Elizabeth’s fundraiser here.

Kirsty Steingold

Kirsty, by far the fittest of our competitors, regularly saves money on her holidays by swimming to France. “If my camel starts to fall behind, I’ll pick it up and carry it over the finish line” she says. 

Having completed a three-legged race to the snowy summit of Kilimanjaro around a year ago, Kirsty is no stranger to endurance challenges. “My race-partner and I spent 3 days tied together at the ankle and his one topic of conversation was his new X-box.” she explained, adding that “He still calls me at least 3 times a week, but I never pick up his calls.”


Support Kirsty’s fundraiser here.

Bryony Woods

Bryony lives close to nature, and when she’s not riding one of her three horses, she’s riding one of the other two. “Some people accuse me of being a bit of a hipster” she says “which is an entirely unfair, only accidentally accurate stereotype. They don’t really know me.”

Being vegan is very important to her, after all, she says “keeping all those horses is expensive, how else could I afford it if we didn’t all share the same food?” Bryony claims that she’s charted all of the camels’ horoscopes and already knows the winner.


Support Bryony’s Fundraiser here.

Del Adeniji

Our last rider to profile is Del, short for Delaware – his mother named him after an upmarket butcher’s shop on Hackney High Street. Today, Del is a debonair fashionista, perfectly at home in in the metrosexual Soho clubs he frequents at the weekend. “I can’t help being good looking,” he says, “people shouldn’t hold it against me. In a world that used style for currency, I’d be a gazillionaire, but a very generous one.”

When it comes to the race, Del’s not too concerned with winning or losing, “I’ll cut such a fine figure in my Arab-chic regalia that I’d be amazed if anyone even notices who wins.” he adds, modestly.


Support Del’s Fundraiser here:

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