Who We Are

Wyldecrest Parks Charity



Each life we touch is the whole world to someone.



Some charities strive to change the world; to eliminate poverty, to end hunger, to save the environment or bring about world peace. The scope of what we aim to do is more focussed, but to those who need us, no less significant.

The world is made up of individual people, and to each of us the love we feel for those we hold most dear; a child, a parent, a wife or a husband, is everything. While not trying to change the world, we know that each life we touch is the whole world to someone.



For us, it’s all about Family & Community – there will always be love, respect and tolerance.

We are Humble enough to know that we still have an entire journey in front of us, but we are Courageous and Ambitious and we’re always willing to take risks.

We are Passionate and want to Make a Difference…even if it’s just for one life.

Our attitude is Person-centred – although we are family orientated and community driven, our focus is on each family and each individual’s needs.