Who We Are

Wyldecrest Parks Charity – Each life we touch is the whole world to someone.



Wyldecrest Parks Charity aims to make a real difference in the lives of Wyldecrest Parks residents, to help them in their daily lives, and to bring staff and residents together to make a significant contribution to those in need in the communities within which the parks are situated.



We hope to become the focal point for all of the charitable activities within the Wyldecrest Parks group of companies, to raise significantly more money than the charity costs to run, and so to multiply the value of corporate and individual donations and achieve maximum impact on the issues we address.

We intend to operate both nationally and locally, running major national campaigns to raise funds for worthy causes, where those funds can directly benefit people in need, and have local groups coordinating local fundraising activities, at the same time, tailoring the charity’s projects to meet local needs and issues.

Above all else, we aim to make a direct, measurable and significant difference to the lives of the people we set out to help.



Some charities have lofty aims. They strive to change the world; to eliminate poverty, to end hunger, to save the environment or bring about world peace. The scope of what we aim to do is more focussed, but to those who need us, no less significant.

The world is made up of individual people, and to each of us the love we feel for those we hold most dear; a child, a parent, a wife or a husband, is everything. While not trying to change the world, we know that each life we touch is the whole world to someone.