Wyldecrest Parks Charitable Trust - Coronavirus NHS Support.

Like many other Charities, we have had our fundraising and planned events cancelled, following the latest official advice from the Government.  Charities are a vital force in the UK in helping bring communities together, providing vital emergency aid or simply campaigning for a better, more considerate and caring world.


The relationships that we have built over the past two years with seriously and critically ill children and the elderly living in lonely isolated conditions, are vitally important to us and could not be more pertinent in these testing times that we all find ourselves living in.  This is why we couldn’t be more proud and grateful to our NHS in their support and care of these two vulnerable groups, who mean so very much to us.


Coronavirus is inspiring people to-do-good and help.  There has never been a need for acts of goodwill and particularly in supporting our NHS – so we have decided to do our part.

Click here to visit our GoFundMe fundraising page and every single penny donated directly benefits the cause. We run with no overhead costs so you can feel safe that 100% of your donation will be used to make a difference, please give whatever you can, we are all in this together – Thank you!

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Simon McDonagh Donates £20,000 to help his Local Hospital

Wednesday 6th May – Wyldecrest Parks Charitable Trust received an offline donation of £20,000 from Simon McDonagh. He wanted to thank his local hospital The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for all their hard work during these tough times. We appreciate your extremely generous donation Simon.

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